About us

Hey all! The names Sheilah and I hand-make and hand pour all the beeswax candles & products that we offer here at Wild Luminescence! Wild Luminescence started out in my tiny basement apartment in the summer of 2017. Working the retail life for that last 10 years in Toronto left me feeling as if I were lacking something and a bit like a hypocrite, as very few places that I worked at were eco friendly or even cared about the environment in the least. That’s where I first starting thinking about incorporating essential oils in my life and wanted to mix them with a more natural candle alternative, and that’s when I found Beeswax and all the greatness it is!


So now here we are, I’m practicing what I preach! Some call me a urban hippy because of my love of the environment and being a city girl. I’ve put my green thinking into Wild Luminescence, we are eco friendly and have a recycling program in place for used candle jars. We use very minimal plastic in our packaging and strongly encourage everyone that shops with us to recycle, reduce, and reuse!


Good for the earth and good for you is our motto! Our goal is and will forever be, to bring you a handmade natural alternative. Anything that can bee made with beeswax I intend on making, in due time. Everything we make is made possible by local bee farmers, as we shop locally here at WL! We only use pure therapeutic essential oils in our scented candles. Our list of handmade items to date includes: candles, tea-lights, pillars, lip balm, puppy paw balm, cold processed soaps,  lotion bars and soon to come whipped lotion!